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Are you ready to take control of your financial destiny!

About Me

Rashia Schand is a passionate wife and mother of 4 with many talents. Over the last decade she spent her spare time teaching financial literacy to teens and young adults throughout the state of CT. She is the author of Jumpstart Your Money Journey, a financial literacy book series for children and young adults. She is also a Mortgage Loan Officer and Financial Educator.

She is on a mission to break the cycle of poverty and empower individuals to embark on a journey of financial independence. 


New apartment

What I DO

Helping families triumph over financial adversity and obtain their share of the  American Dream!

She achieves this mission through:


Empowering Individuals to Pursue Homeownership


Offering Online and in Person Financial Workshops


Writing Money Management Blogs 


Financial Literacy Books for Children & Young Adults

Work With ME

Youth/Young Adults Financial Workshops

First Time Homebuyer Workshops

Guest Speaker Engagements


Let's Start 

Latest BLOGS

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