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About Me

About  Me

Rashia Schand is a passionate wife and mother of 4 with many talents. Over the last decade she spent her spare time teaching financial literacy to teens and young adults throughout the state of CT. She is the author of Jumpstart Your Money Journey for teens and young adults, a Mortgage Loan Officer, and Financial Educator.

Rashia graduated from Delaware State University, majoring in Business Management and Finance. She spent 10 years in the Insurance Operations industry before changing career paths. Rashia decided to pursue entrepreneurship to allow for the freedom and flexibility of managing a growing family. Although a trying journey, she hasn’t looked back since.


With her years of experience and overcoming her own financial struggles, Rashia is on mission to pour back into her community to empower others to take control of their financial destiny and break free from the curse of poverty. She has broken many cycles within her own family and believe others can do the same.

Rashia also understands how powerful financial literacy is and aspires to partner with legislators in the state of CT to make financial education a requirement for all High School students

She's an advocate for all things: faith, family, fitness, and finance related.

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